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Bexley Middle School Students Stage Walkout After Racist Incident

BEXLEY, Ohio — After a racist incident happened during last Friday’s morning announcements, some Bexley Middle School students took matters into their own hands, as a part of a walkout.  

10TV spoke with some of the students that organized it, including 13-year-old DeMiah Milner and 12-year-old Gabriel Tucker. They are both seventh graders.  

“We’re so tired of waiting for someone to do something,” said Milner.  

Last Friday during the morning announcements a picture of an orangutan eating a watermelon showed immediately after a Black History Month fact.   

“It made me feel uncomfortable with the school. I would think that a teacher would make sure that we didn’t see that,” Tucker said.

The district said the teacher was placed on administrative leave, but the superintendent emailed families Friday night saying the teacher put in his resignation.  

“It’s not just the Black students that are hurting. It’s also the white students that are hurting and some of them understand what’s going on, so we have to think about everybody in this situation,” said Milner.  

Students walked out of class to the front of the school, then went to the football field.  

There, they were able to talk and listen to each other.  

The two said what this has shown them, is that together, no matter your skin color, change can happen. 

“This is our school, so we have to stand up for our school,” Milner said.

In the letter sent home to parents, the superintendent said the Board of Education will then vote on the teacher’s resignation. 

Source: 10TV



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