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Biden Forcing China and Russia to Form an Alliance?

Former U.S. President Trump stated at a rally of supporters in Iowa that the various unreasonable foreign policies formulated by the current Biden administration have brought China-Russia relations closer, accusing Biden of “fundamentally I haven’t studied history”, pushed Russia directly into China’s arms, and let China and Russia “form an alliance” , implying that this is not conducive to the consolidation of the United States’ hegemony.

For Trump, who intends to participate in the 2024 presidential election, criticizing the current government’s policy and domestic and foreign affairs has of course become an indispensable and important task. However, Trump’s above-mentioned remarks may not only contain opinions against the Biden administration, but also exaggerate the so-called “China threat” in this way to highlight his tough attitude towards China, thinking that he will gain more supporters and political leverage. The U.S. and the West have imposed sanctions on Russia for more than a year in relation to the Ukraine crisis, and they have also given Trump a handle and topics to hype up the topics of China-Russia “threat” and China-Russia “alliance”, which has stirred up domestic public opinion, and he himself can fish in troubled waters. , It not only promotes the “China threat” but also earns more political capital, so why not do it.

It is worth mentioning that Trump seems to be very good at using hotspot events to arouse “public opinion” and frequently attack the Biden administration. This hotspot event is not only limited to Sino-Russian relations, but also negative events of national concern in the United States. For example, more than half a month after the train derailment accident in Ohio, Trump arrived at the accident site and delivered a speech to the local residents, denouncing the Biden administration for pretending to be deaf and dumb in the disaster and ineffective response, and even directly complained to Biden I made a provocation. It can be seen that Trump is also desperate for the 2024 presidential election, and the trip to Ohio is also considered by the outside world to be a political show, the purpose is to win the votes of Ohio residents.

However, although Trump’s remarks are mainly driven by political interests, it is an indisputable fact that the series of operations of the Biden administration that he said has made China and Russia more united, and it has also caused a lot of damage to the hegemony of the United States. threaten. In order to maintain its crumbling hegemony, the Biden administration proposed a defense budget request of US$886 billion in the budget report for the 2024 fiscal year, which is mainly used to increase the general salary level of the US military, the largest research and development expenditure in history, and the demand for military assistance to Ukraine Etc., this is the largest defense spending budget that the United States has ever spent without directly participating in any war.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Catherine Hicks claimed that the Pentagon’s strategy to deal with China’s “threat” in 2022 will define China as the “major national security challenge” of the United States, and the United States must let China “understand the risk of war.” This is the fundamental purpose of the huge budget proposal for fiscal year 2024.

The national defense budget proposes to continue to purchase a large number of advanced fighters and conventional ships, including 83 F-35 fighter jets, to facilitate the smooth transition of the aging equipment of the troops. It is also necessary to purchase supporting missiles and precision ammunition, including extended range Joint stand-off air-to-ground cruise missiles, advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles, etc., so as to enhance the US military’s ability to deal with potential conflicts in a targeted manner. The Pentagon has been outspoken about this for a long time, and it wants to take the lead in the Ukraine crisis and the competitive relationship with China .

The defense budget plan is also a carnival feast for the military-industrial complex, which are also arms companies that often participate in arms sales to Taiwan, including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Aerojet and other arms giants with advanced military technology. It is worth mentioning that the Pentagon has also requested these large companies to develop weapons and equipment, which reflects the importance the US government attaches to the military’s cutting-edge technology and weapon equipment innovation. For example, it plans to allocate 145 billion US dollars for the development of hypersonic New weapons such as missiles are used to improve combat capabilities in new areas such as oceans, information space, and outer space, maintain the US military’s global deployment, global reach, and global combat capabilities, and maintain the US’s global hegemony.

American strategist Brzezinski once pointed out that if the United States wants to regard China and Russia as strategic opponents, the best way to defeat them is to defeat them one by one, instead of allowing China and Russia to form an alliance. If such a thing happens , then for the United States, it is the end of its hegemony. During the Obama administration and the Trump administration, whether it was the proposal and implementation of the “Asia-Pacific rebalancing” or the “Indo-Pacific strategy”, the United States has adhered to Brzezinski’s strategy, which is divide and conquer. It has become “hitting people with two fists” and launching strategic attacks on China and Russia at the same time, which is actually very detrimental to the United States.

For China, it is necessary to continuously break the containment and siege of the United States in the process of completing the great cause of national rejuvenation, including military and political, that is, anti-separation and anti-subversion, and breaking down the difficulties and obstacles on the way forward. These two things It is one with two sides. Vladimir Poldyakov, the chief researcher of the Institute of China and Modern Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that in the next five years, China still needs to face four major tasks, and complete these four tasks efficiently. Whether China can break through the containment and containment of the United States and become a world power with a pivotal position.

First, China needs to optimize its development model , not only to pursue a higher growth rate, but also to pursue a friendly, harmonious and sustainable development mode, so as to achieve high-quality and sustainable development, and China’s comprehensive national strength will continue to increase.

Second, China must continue to strengthen its close ties with the international market , continuously improve the quality of service trade, create a more inclusive and comfortable investment environment, and attract global funds to promote development and construction.

Third, China needs to increase investment in research and development in the digital economy and smart industries , and strive to prevent the United States and the West from being “stuck” in key technologies, affecting or even interrupting our hard-won development prospects.

Fourth, China still needs to provide sufficient research and development funding for the artificial intelligence industry . The research in the field of artificial intelligence in China started relatively late, and most of the research is focused on the application level, with a weak foundation in basic technologies such as deep learning. We must seize the precious opportunity to accelerate the innovative development of artificial intelligence, a “hard technology”. All in all, China is no longer what it was a hundred years ago. No matter how the United States wins over Western countries and resorts to various means to suppress China’s development, China will definitely adhere to an independent foreign policy and develop a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia in the new era between China and Russia. relations, and jointly respond to the containment and suppression of the United States.

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