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It’s Alarming Ohio High School Football Team Used ‘Nazi’ as Play Against Mostly Jewish Team

Ohio high school team’s Nazi play shows antisemitism

We of the Jewish faith are always hopeful that antisemitism is in the dustbin of history especially in America, yet our hope was dashed on a Brooklyn, Ohio football field recently.

A high school football team used the word “Nazi” as a play call in a game against a predominantly Jewish team. How despicable and it shows that antisemitism is alive and well in Ohio.

Our political, cultural, and religious leaders should be vigilant to stamp out the smoldering embers of antisemitism wherever they occur. Never again is a phrase that needs to be in forefront of our collective minds.

Keep your head up

In addition to the devoting more money and resources to protect students throughout the University District, here is a novel approach: students and others would reduce being a safety risk if they stopped staring down at their phones while walking to be more visually aware as well as removing ear buds to be more auditorily aware of their surroundings.

These simple prevention measures have application across many public environments.

Everybody loves the roundabouts

Re “Ohio to prioritize reducing congestion on US 23,” Sept. 24: I read all the options put forth to help ease the traffic issues up Route 23 from Columbus to Delaware. One option I did not see, and I was very surprised it was not the first option: roundabouts. Everybody loves the roundabouts.

Miles C. Larrick, Dublin

ODOT needs to figure it out

As a resident of southern Delaware County, I am well aware of the traffic congestion on U.S. 23 north of the outerbelt, so I read the Sept. 24 article “Ohio to prioritize reducing congestion on U.S. 23”, with great interest to see if anything creative was being proposed or even considered.

 As expected, the same old options that no longer work are all that was being bandied about. One only needs to look west at our similarly sized neighbor city of Indianapolis to experience creative ways to move traffic without adding dozens and dozens of traffic control lights. 

U.S. 23 should be treated like Meridian Street (U.S. 31) running north and south from Interstate 465 or any of the east/west roads north of 96th Street through the growing northern suburbs of Indy to find a creative and successful answer to handling and moving increased road traffic. 

Creative uses of roundabouts, figure 8 intersections, and secondary roads that run under the main road to keep traffic rolling on the north/south bound route are needed.

Eliminating east/west crossovers from major roads (U.S. 23) and the elimination of traffic lights that only serve to create snarled traffic are the creative way to go. 

Get with it Ohio Department of Transportation! 

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