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It’s Manufacturing Month. Here Are 10 Reasons to Find a Career in Ohio’s No. 1 Industry: Jeffrey J. Oravitz

Ohio — “Too many Ohioans have forgotten or are not aware of the state’s heritage of applying ingenuity toward inventing and manufacturing.” That is the opening sentence of Conrade Hinds’ 2023 book “Made in Ohio,” which documents the Buckeye State’s storied manufacturing history.

It’s also the perfect reminder of why October has been designated Manufacturing Month by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. Friday, Oct. 6, is Manufacturing Day.

As chair of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA), I’m pleased to report that our state’s manufacturing sector is booming. We are the nation’s third-largest manufacturing state in terms of jobs and payroll, and Ohio manufacturers recently set another record by producing $134 billion in annual economic output. With so many manufacturers – of all sizes – making substantial investments in our state, Ohio is writing its next chapter as a powerhouse of industry.

Now we must ensure that as many Ohioans as possible, especially those in the next generation, are aware of the opportunities provided by our state’s No. 1 industry. Manufacturing Month is the perfect time to share the many reasons why young people and career-switchers should strongly consider manufacturing.

Here are my top 10:

1.) More opportunity: With roughly 690,000 manufacturing jobs statewide, and more than 23,000 current openings, high-paying careers are right here in Ohio. There’s no reason to search elsewhere.

2.) Debt-free careers: Based on the most recent data available, Ohio manufacturing employees earned an average annual wage of $70,000. Some subsectors pay more than $100,000 on average. With student loan debt attracting so much attention, manufacturing careers can help young people avoid debt in the first place, offering salaries far above typical entry-level positions.

3.) Outstanding benefits: Compared to other sectors of the economy, manufacturing has one of the highest percentages of workers receiving employer-provided health benefits. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 91% of manufacturing employees were eligible for health insurance benefits as of 2022.

4.) Career growth: With few barriers to entry – and Ohio’s upskilling initiatives, such as TechCred – there are numerous opportunities for growth, promotions, and advancement in every area of manufacturing, including IT, finance, marketing, operations, and more.

5.) Ohio’s top industry: Of Ohio’s 20 major economic sectors, manufacturing is the largest – providing an annual payroll of $48 billion. Only California and Texas have more manufacturing jobs.

6.) Tomorrow’s technology today: From 3-D printing and machining, to industrial maintenance and next-gen robotics, today’s manufacturers are building the future before our eyes. From the standpoint of innovation and emerging technology, there isn’t a more exciting industry.

7.) An economic powerhouse: Manufacturing is the lifeblood of our local, state and national economies. By itself, America’s manufacturing sector would be the eighth largest economy in the world – and Ohio is a major driver of our nation’s industrial might.

8.) Producing for the world: Ohio supplies the world with the goods it needs and wants, exporting more than $50 billion in goods to more than 200 countries and territories.

9.) Prioritizing a healthier planet: Manufacturers are leaders in sustainability – and Ohio manufacturers lead in the reduction, reuse, and recycling of generated waste. Even as economic output has soared, Ohio manufacturers have drastically reduced emissions over the past decade.

10.) Many employers to choose from: Ohio has more than 13,300 manufacturing businesses statewide. Every one of Ohio’s 88 counties offers rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing. Ohioans who want to explore manufacturing careers – for themselves, a family member, or friend – should go to MakingOhio.com. Then visit manufacturers in your community, especially those opening their doors during Manufacturing Month and Manufacturing Day.

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