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Knoxville woman’s luggage lost after delayed Greyhound trip from Ohio

A Knoxville woman doesn’t know where her luggage is after a bus trip from Columbus, Ohio. She boarded a Greyhound bus on the last day of July but didn’t arrive in Knoxville until two days later.

Melissa Loy was scheduled to leave Columbus, Ohio on July 31, but the bus was delayed. Instead, it left on August 1. In Columbus, Loy received two different boarding passes for her trip home. When she arrived in Knoxville her two bags were not on the bus.

Loy was visiting family in Columbus, Ohio. She purchased a round-trip ticket with Greyhound. She has traveled with the bus line before.

“I enjoyed them, everyone was nice that worked for Greyhound. They made sure that they had the passengers loaded and on board. And didn’t leave me ever,” said Loy.

However, her return trip to Knoxville was not enjoyable. Her boarding pass and ticket from Columbus to Knoxville said she was supposed to depart on July 31 and that she had one carry-on and one stored luggage underneath the bus.

Loy told WATE that the trip was delayed and didn’t begin until August 1. She had to be back at work on that day, so a Greyhound supervisor in Columbus wrote a note for her to give to her boss.

“Due to an error by Greyhound employees, Melissa Loy had a 24-hour layover in Columbus, Ohio. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” reads the note.

The supervisor, named Rachel, signed her name.

Loy wonders if her luggage is lost because she had two different boarding passes. The first one said Columbus, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio then to Knoxville. However, before the bus left she was given a second ticket that reads Columbus to Cincinnati then Knoxville. It also stopped in Lexington.

It took Loy two days to get home.

“They took us to Cincinnati. From there we had to wait around 5 to 6 hours. No one would tell us anything. So we just waited,” said Loy. “They finally noticed me and said, two women started speaking to each other and said, ‘let’s put her on this bus’. They argued about it for a moment, said they didn’t have time to do another booking sheet and put me on a bus that I did not know about.”

Her carry-on and larger luggage bag were stowed in the bus’s baggage compartment.

“From Cincinnati, we went to Lexington where they dropped me off and left me. I never saw my luggage,” said Loy. “They told everyone they had 30 minutes to eat. And, then, they just drove off. I didn’t even eat. I went and got a small pizza to come back to the bus. They were gone.”

Loy admits she should never have gone for that pizza. She has contacted Greyhound about her lost bags.

“To this day I don’t have my luggage. I’ve tried emails. I have tried phone numbers, no one answers,” said Loy.

On August 2, Melissa arrived in Knoxville. Presently, Greyhound’s temporary departure and pick-up spot is at a Knoxville Area Transit bus stop in East Knoxville.

WATE reached out to Greyhound. We hoped to learn what was being done to locate the luggage. There’s been no response.

“I want all of it back. I’d like to know where it’s at. What happened to it,” said Loy.

Loy said Greyhound called her on Tuesday, twice, but when she picked up no one was online. She called the number back and heard “Greyhound customer assistance line has been discontinued, for assistance try our website.” She already had tried the website, several times earlier this month, and received no response.

WATE called the number she received and got the same response, the customer assistance line is no longer in service. Loy said the contents of her luggage include clothing and personal items. She’d like to have them back.

Source: Wate.com



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