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Ohio Trucker Predicts ‘catastrophic’ Consequences for Industry Over California’s Zero-emissions Standards

As California gets the green light to set its own zero emission standards, an Ohio trucker says the move will be “catastrophic” for the industry and U.S. supply chain.

“There is nothing about this law that makes any sense,” Monte Wiederhold told “Fox & Friends First” on Friday while criticizing the progressive state’s policies.

A federal appellate court on Tuesday upheld the decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to grant California a waiver allowing it to establish its own zero emission standards for tailpipes as well as electric vehicle requirements.

The move, if enacted by other states, could potentially upend the trucking industry, and trigger another supply chain disruption.

“So, if this mandate comes in, if they go forward with this nonsense, we’re going to be the supply chain crisis on steroids,” Wiederhold stressed.

Wiederhold explained that 96% of the trucking industry is made up of “small fleets like mom and pop, one and two truck operators.” 

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“I have a four-truck fleet myself,” he told co-host Todd Piro.

“Obviously, this thing is going to cost untold millions, billions of dollars that we have no way that we’re going to pay for,” he said.

Aside from the costs, Wiederhold explained that the U.S. doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicle demands.

I mean, if these folks were watching this past winter when the people in Chicago with their Teslas that they couldn’t get to the chargers, or they were froze up. Multiply that times about 10, because right now we currently have nowhere to park our trucks along the highway just to, you know, rest areas and truck stops, to even sleep,” he explained.

California, which is currently leading the charge on green efforts in the U.S., pledged to cut fossil fuel demand by 86% by 2045 and ban the sale of new cars powered by gasoline starting in 2035

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Wiederhold argues that the push would “significantly alter” every American’s way of life

We’re going to be in some Third World country type status to where you’re going to go to the store or stand in line, and the shelves are empty because it’s what’s going to happen,” he said.

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