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Qatar-US relations a source of stability in region: Envoy

The deep-rooted bilateral relations between Qatar and the United States of America are a source of stability in the region, said US Ambassador to Qatar H E Timmy T Davis.

In an exclusive interview with The Peninsula, Ambassador Timmy T Davis lauded the political stability and strategic partnerships between the two countries in business, investments, and tourism realms.

Ambassador Davis said: “I would call us (Qatar and the US) allies and fellow travellers. Our friendship and relationship whether it be security, energy, commerce, and trade, not only adds to robust economies in both of our countries but we think it’s a source of stability for the region.”

Emphasising Qatar’s commitment and efforts towards humanitarian assistance he said, “There are very smart investments around the world and their provision of energy in places of need in particular in New York actually makes the world a safer place, so we are happy to be partners with Qatar.”

Davis pointed out that Qatar has created an opportunity for the US to hear the country’s key priorities on humanitarian assistance and how their values manifest in the work they do during the fifth strategic dialogue held this year. He said “We have seen a number of mayors from the United States visit Qatar as part of sub-national diplomacy. These relationships are creating new opportunities and we are taking advantage of it.”

Highlighting the importance of US investments and businesses in the Qatari market, Ambassador Davis said, “That’s a big part of sub-national diplomacy. We want not just government officials to understand a reliable open environment for investment. We want businesses throughout the United States not just in California, New York, and Florida but businesses in the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast to know that there are opportunities here for investment with current businesses.”

Ambassador Davis also mentioned that the American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar has created a “huge impact” on US firms.

He noted that the efforts taken by the organisation to bridge businesses and companies are compelling and promising.

“The things that they can do on their own are powerful but working together and making sure they are having a conversation and collaboration to ensure that new companies understand the road ahead of them maximises opportunities,” he said.

Speaking on the blooming tourism industry in the region, Davis affirmed that US citizens will play a key role in contributing to the growth of the GDP. He remarked that Qatar will witness a high number of US citizens for leisure purposes, especially during sporting tournaments.

Ambassador Davis added, “I think there are great opportunities to combine events to keep people coming here a couple of times a year and Americans love big events. So I think Americans will make a large part of the growth in tourism here.”

As Qatar anticipates nearly 6 million visitors per year by 2030, officials in the country say that the tourism sector alone will contribute nearly 7 to 12 percent of GDP. With the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures in Qatar, the government aims to attract foreign direct investments in tourism and business sectors.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar



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