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Russian troops ditch 30 armoured vehicles in single incident

Russian forces have made advances in two areas in Donbas since 7th February 2023, with control of the northern outskirts of Bakhmut and gains in the western edge of Vuhledar.

However, there have been heavy casualties in Vuhledar, with inexperienced units being committed and the abandonment of armoured vehicles after a failed assault.

According to a British Ministry of Defence intelligence update,

“Since 7 February 2023, Russian forces have likely made tactical gains in two key sectors. On the northern outskirts of the Donbas town of Bakhmut, Wagner Group forces have pushed 2-3km further west, controlling countryside near the M-03 main route into the town. Russian forces increasingly dominate the northern approaches to Bakhmut.

To the south, Russian units have made advances around the western edge of the town of Vuhledar, where they re-launched offensive operations in late January 2023.

However, Russian units have likely suffered particularly heavy casualties around Vuhledar as inexperienced units have been committed. Russian troops likely fled and abandoned at least 30 mostly intact armoured vehicles in a single incident after a failed assault.”

source; ukdefencejournal