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Some US senators consider themselves more Armenians than its premier

Nothing personal, just business. The author of this phrase is called an associate of a gangster nicknamed “Dutch Schultz”, an accountant of American organized crime a hundred years ago, Otto Berman. Exactly the same vital principle is guided by many American politicians, including senators.

By the way, how easily and simply members of the Italian mafia bought American senators are very clearly described in the novel by Mario Puzo “The Godfather”. This novel was subsequently filmed by Francis Ford Coppola and the whole world saw a real masterpiece of cinematic art. But cinema is cinema, and there is also fresh evidence of the corruption of US senators.

For example, the main Armenian lobbyist Robert Menendez was accused of corruption in 2015 because of his relationship with ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen. Prosecutors then accused Menendez of receiving about $1 million in campaign contributions and lavish gifts. The investigation believed that due to fraud with state health insurance, taxpayers were deceived by at least $ 9 million.

Senator Menendez was also accused of criminally promoting the interests of Melgen in the supply of port equipment for the Dominican Republic. American media sources claimed that Menendez was trying to obtain a free inspection of equipment at the American border. Yes, he pleaded not guilty and in 2018 the charges against him were dropped. But here, as in the famous joke about spoons and sediment.

Moreover, at the end of last year, the US Federal Attorney’s Office investigated whether Nadine Arslanian, the wife of Senator Bob Menendez, accepted gifts and services as bribes from certain individuals. So, for Menendez, perhaps, in addition to business, the issue of vilifying Azerbaijan was personal.

Well, now we see that other US senators, this time Alex Padilla and Marco Rubio, presented a resolution condemning Baku for “closing the Lachin corridor” and calling on the United States to take immediate steps to end the “humanitarian crisis.” The Armenian Assembly of America happily announces this step of theirs. It is noted that the resolution was also presented in the House of Representatives by Frank Pallone and Gaz Bilirakis.

Oh, what a blatant lie is contained in this resolution! There is not a word in it that there is no Lachin corridor, but there is the Lachin road, which is located throughout the world, including the United States, recognized territories of Azerbaijan. Accordingly, Azerbaijan has the right to install BCPs on its territory. It is strange that US senators “do not understand” this.

They claim that Azerbaijan can “blockade” its own territories. They use the name “Artsakh” in the resolution, which was not, is not and will not be in reality. This is the fruit of the fantasies of the world Armenians and the characters engaged by them in different countries of the world. The memory of the fruit of the myth-making of world Armenians looks especially ridiculous after the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, including the Karabakh economic region and enclaves.

It turns out that some US senators consider themselves more Armenians than the Prime Minister of Armenia. On the other hand, based on the principle proclaimed by Otto Berman, one can lie, regardless of reputation. Look, this “group in star-striped bathing suits” claims that the Armenian population of the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan is without food and drink.

How many months have we been hearing this nonsense? Many, very many. How would it be time to first study the essence of the issue and understand that a person simply cannot do so much without water and drink. And if everything is in order with him, then it means that the claims about the lack of food and water supply are lies. It’s so obvious! True, if you are a decent and objective appraiser of what is happening. In our case, everything is simpler. Before us are those for whom lying about Azerbaijan is just business. Sometimes, however, there is something personal there, but this does not change the essence of the matter. Lies remain lies.

Source: Azer News



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