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The US unfolds new military aid package to Ukraine

The United States on Friday unfolded another aid package of military equipment for Ukraine valued at 2.1 billion dollars despite warnings that these supplies will make longer the conflict between Kiev and Moscow.

The supplies include HAWK air defense systems and missiles, along with additional ammunition for Patriot missile defense systems, Puma drones as well as artillery shells and other materials, the Defense Department detailed in a statement.

This round, the dispatch disclosed, will be procured under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which means the US will send equipment from contractors and defense industry partners.

Washington has provided Volodimir Zelensky’s Government with over 39.7 billion dollars in military aid since February 2022, the press release added.

The extensive war supplies provided are prolonging the conflict between Kiev and Moscow and increasing the suffering of the population involved, analysts continuously point out.

The United States also remains under scrutiny for not being able to keep track of the weapons supplied, as recognized by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and for not suggesting to join any peace plan proposed to end the conflict, such as the one presented by China.

Likewise, according to observers, the enormous financial support provided by the US to Ukraine overshadows the budget allocated to solve some of the most pressing problems afflicting that country nowadays.

Source: Prensa Latina