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These Are the 10 Most Neighborly Cities in the U.S.—3 of Them Are in Utah

In September, Neighbor.com released its ranking of the most neighborly cities in the United States.

Since 2020, Neighbor has ranked cities across the country based on the following factors:

  • violent crime and property crime
  • volunteering
  • voter turnout
  • charitable giving
  • population

The report analyzed 100 of the largest metro areas in the U.S. using data from a survey of 1,000 Americans, U.S. government data sets, and consumer data.

Overall, the results found that 94% of Americans will help their neighbors in the event of a natural disaster and 64% are likely to ask for help from their neighbors if and when needed.

“Good neighbors heal our society’s biggest wounds, starting with the smallest friendly gesture. The real magic of community is the ability to uplift and magnify our impact,” Joseph Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Neighbor, stated in a press release shared with CNBC Make It.

It’s important to note that three of the cities in the top 10 are in Utah. The state recently ranked as the happiest state in America, according to WalletHub.

According to the WalletHub report, Utah had the highest volunteer rate, with 40.7%, 2.6 times higher than Florida, with the lowest volunteer rate. It also had the lowest separation and divorce rate in the country.

The most neighborly city in the U.S. 2023: Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin ranked No. 2 last year, but landed in the top spot for 2023.

Affectionately known as “Mad City,” the Wisconsin capital ranks high for its incredible outdoor recreation. Madison has the most parks and playgrounds per capita of any of the 100 largest U.S. cities.

Madison, Wisconsin is the most neighborly city in the U.S. of 2023.

Madison, Wisconsin is the most neighborly city in the U.S. of 2023.

Ultima_gaina | Istock | Getty Images

As of 2021, Madison is the fastest-growing city in Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The city is home to and in close proximity to major employers like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lands’ End, Spectrum Brands, American Girl and more.

According to the Neighbor report, Madison is also attracting a high number of recent graduates who have chosen to move to the friendly, Midwest city over New York City or San Francisco.

10 most neighborly cities in the U.S. 2023

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  3. Colorado Springs, Colorado 
  4. Sarasota, Florida
  5. Rochester, New York 
  6. Provo, Utah
  7. Salt Lake City, Utah
  8. Ogden, Utah
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina 
  10. Richmond, Virginia

Minneapolis, Minnesota, moved up from No. 13 in 2022 to the No.2 spot this year and scored high for volunteering and charitable giving.

The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is richer by median household income than New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, according to The Atlantic.

Among residents under 35, the Twin Cities placed in the top 10 for highest college-graduation rate, highest median earnings, and lowest poverty rate—the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is also home to the headquarters of over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Target, United Health, and General Mills.

Up from No. 13 in 2022, Minneapolis, Minnesota ranked as the No. 2 most neighborly city in America.

Up from No. 13 in 2022, Minneapolis, Minnesota ranked as the No. 2 most neighborly city in America.

S. Greg Panosian | E+ | Getty Images

Colorado Springs, Colorado landed the third spot on the list, up from No. 12 in 2022.

According to the Neighbor report, it ranked highest in the volunteer rates category, with 69% of city residents supporting a local organization.

The cost of living in Colorado Springs is 5% higher than the national average, according to PayScale. That number continues to rise, but compared to the nearby city of Denver, housing prices in Colorado Springs are currently 32.1% lower than in the Mile High City, according to Rent.com.

Colorado Springs is also ranked as one of the best cities to live by The Centennial State.

Source : CNBC



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