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Shipments Of Waste From Ohio Train Derailment Resume In Putnam County

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. — After third-party testing ordered by Gov. Eric Holcomb, shipments of hazardous waste from the site of an Ohio train derailment resumed in Indiana.

An official with Heritage Environmental Services confirmed the additional shipments began arriving Tuesday in Putnam County. Shipments had been paused for additional testing.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) also confirmed the arrival of additional shipments in Indiana.

“Results provided by Norfolk Southern are in line with third-party soil testing conducted on material that previously arrived in Indiana, showing there are no harmful levels of dioxins compared to acceptable levels as established by the U.S. EPA,” according to an IDEM official.

Holcomb has requested further testing on any future loads being shipped into Indiana from the East Palestine site as “an additional safety measure,” the official said.

Before the pause for additional testing, three shipments of the hazardous materials had already been delivered to the Putnam County site.

The materials spilled after dozens of cars from a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine in early February, stoking concerns about the safety of nearby residents and sparking a national debate on the proper method for disposing of the resulting waste.

Source : Fox59