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The Alarm is Sounding! They are Preparing For a “Massive War With China”

In recent years, in order to enhance its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and provide military deterrence against China, the United States has often held large-scale military exercises around China, leading a group of allies to “show their muscles” against China. A few days ago, the United States, Japan, France and Australia held a large-scale air force exercise “Countering the North 2023” in the Pacific Ocean.

Multinational military exercises

Regarding this military exercise, the US military officer said that the exercise was carried out against the background of simulating a large-scale military conflict with China, mainly to evaluate the US Air Force’s “Agile Combat Employment (ACE)” theory. The military exercise lasted for more than half a month, and the total number of troops participating in the exercise reached 2,000. The U.S. Air Force and other military services participated in the exercise, and military equipment such as fighter jets were deployed accumulatively.

It is worth mentioning that since 1978, the United States and Japan have regularly held this series of military exercises. Originally, the reason why the United States, Japan and other countries held this series of military exercises was to deter the Soviet Union militarily. Now that the Soviet Union no longer exists, and China’s air power is constantly increasing, the United States, Japan and other countries will target China and continue to hold a series of military exercises to deter China.

The U.S. Air Force believes that once a large-scale military conflict breaks out between China and the United States in the future, the People’s Liberation Army may directly destroy U.S. fighter jets deployed at military bases around China in a short period of time.

Therefore, when a conflict actually occurs, the United States must transfer its fighter planes to remote airports in a short period of time, so as to prevent the fighter planes from becoming targets of the PLA. In addition, after this military exercise, the U.S. Air Force has determined that the theory of “agile combat application” can cause trouble for the PLA.

China must not underestimate

Theoretically speaking, it is not difficult for the U.S. military to fly fighter jets to airports in remote areas, but after landing, fighter jets may need to refuel or replenish ammunition, etc., which puts higher demands on the local airport support system.

At present, the U.S. military is trying to find ways to study how to solve these problems. Almost all arms of the U.S. are exaggerating the so-called “China threat” and formulating strategies on how to deal with the PLA. It is not clear whether these strategies are useful, but what is certain is that the various services of the US military can use this to obtain more appropriations and enhance their own strength. In this regard, China must not underestimate the joint military exercises of the US military and the military forces of the US military and other countries.

In addition, what the United States needs to understand is that China and the United States are both nuclear-armed countries. Once a military conflict between China and the United States is inevitable under the persistent provocation of the United States, it is very likely to trigger a nuclear conflict or a third world war. The consequences are unbearable for the United States.

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