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US senators demand sanctions against Baku

US Senators Alex Padilla and Marco Rubio introduced a bipartisan resolution to the Senate calling on the United States to step up pressure on Azerbaijan to end the blockade of the [Berdzor] Lachin corridor, radio station Voice of America reports.

“Azerbaijan’s blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh has left [over 100 thousand] Armenians without access to basic necessities.

It’s inhumane—and it’s unacceptable.

That’s why I just introduced a bipartisan resolution condemning this blockade and urging the United States to take action now,” Alex Padilla wrote on Twitter.

Senator Marco Rubio also addressed the resolution tweeting, “Proud to join [senator Alex Padilla] in the bipartisan resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s blockage of the [Berdzor] Lachin Corridor. The U.S. must help end this humanitarian crisis.”

The legislative initiative, in particular, calls on the United States to impose sanctions on Azerbaijani officials responsible for the blockade of Lachin and violations of the rights of Armenians, and also calls on the Biden administration to stop any military assistance to Baku.

Luis Bono, US Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations, recently stated in an interview with Radio Liberty that Washington is not going to impose sanctions against Baku because of the blockade of the Lachin corridor.

“This is not a time for sanctions. I am here to work with both parties to lead them towards peace. Sanctions would be counterproductive. It’s not even under consideration at this point,” he said.

Source: News AM



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